Week 6: Praise It Edition

Another week down in the MTC! The weeks are all starting to blend together here, and not much new happens anymore… Some elders in the other zone who came in three weeks before us left to go to Taipei on Tuesday, making us the “oldest” Mandarin speaking missionaries in the MTC. It’s pretty crazy… there are about 20 Mandarin speaking elders total, split between the two zones here out of about 1000 missionaries, so it’s pretty rare to see other people who speak your language.

This week I got named District Leader, so that’s fun!

Also Elder Horton got food poisoning this week, so that was slightly less fun.

We had our first Skype TRC here, which basically is you get to talk to a church member who volunteers and speaks your mission language and you teach them a quick 30 minute lesson over Skype in Chinese. It was sooooo sick and easily the highlight of my MTC experience thus far. We taught an older Taiwanese lady named Wu Jie Mei and she lives in Taichung within our mission boundaries. At the beginning of the call we were doing basic introductions and I told her I was from Florida and she was super confused, then I said it’s where Disney World is and she immediately knew. When I told her I used to work there she just went completely crazy and was so excited. From then on I knew that it was going to be a good lesson. We continued to teach her about the power of Jesus Christ’s Atonement and we read Doctrine and Covenants 18:11-13 with her. At the end of the call both Elder Horton and I testified of how we can feel His love for us and the pure power of the Atonement, and she just started bawling. It is pretty amazing to see the Spirit as a universal language. Even though our Chinese isn’t the greatest yet, we can still teach with the Spirit combined with our Chinese and have the same effect. After the lesson was over so was pleading us to teach her next week as well, so that was way cool.

Last night before going to bed one of the elders in our room, Elder Robinson, offered us some of his peppermint essential oil that he uses every night to help him sleep. He just said don’t get it too close to your eyes, because you’ll cry. Another one of the Elders, Elder Provard, took him up on his offer and decided to try some. So Elder Provard is a big dude… like 6’2″ and about 270, and he’s the type of kid who brushes things off like they are nothing. So he says “Oh I’ve used this stuff before and I didn’t even cry, this shouldn’t even affect me. He then continues to apply a TON of oil to his hands and underneath his eyes. Not five seconds later he yells “OH THIS STUFF IS WAY WORSE THAN THE OTHER STUFF” as tears began to stream down his face. Lol

One of the elders in my zone who is going to Hong Kong was standing on a chair and fell off and badly bruised his foot bone this week, enough to warrant a doctor’s office visit and apparently a boot. So now there are two members of the Boot Gang in our zone. Also another one of the elders in our zone who is going to Taibei brought like 30 of the fattest ugliest ties from the 70’s I have ever seen and we decided to start Fat Tie Fridays where our whole zone wears his ugly ties. Both pictures are below.

Once again, I’m sorry my life isn’t that cool right now, but I promise it definitely will be in 19 days once we FINALLY get to Taiwan! I don’t even know what the real world is anymore… seriously.

Also… please stop sending food! We GREATLY appreciate all of the food we’ve been sent, but we have so much at this point that we could probably feed the missionaries who come in after us until Christmas…

As always thank you for the letters and packages! They are always great! I hope you all have an amazing week and I challenge you all to look for the little miracles in your lives every day!


Elder Stroud


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