Another Crazy Week in the Motherland of Taiwan

May 22 temples everywhere

Crazy elaborate temples are EVERYWHERE here


This week’s highlights include:

So in Taiwan there are TONS of sketchy “massage” parlors right? Like there is literally at least two on every street, and inside there are definitely not massages being given. Obviously missionaries aren’t allowed to go inside to get massages. SOOO this week we contacted a lady who wanted to hear the gospel and she told us she owned a massage parlor, and that’s where we could meet her for the lesson. So we did just that and ended up teaching a lesson in a brothel basically. So super weird experience.

We got “qinged” (which basically means someone takes you out to dinner for free) at this SUPER nice Thai restaurant, like the bill for 6 of us was about $100 US and a normal dinner here is like $3 US or less per person. But at the end of dinner the lady who took us out asked if it was spicy, and I was like “no not really” and she put a pepper on my plate and told me to eat it. So I ate it and almost threw up from the heat, and everybody at the table was laughing at me because I started to hiccup like crazy and I was crying, but tbh it was worth it for the free food!

We met this super shuai (Chinese for handsome bro basically) 24 year old dude on the street who actually self-contacted me, like he came up and asked if we were the Mormon church and we were like uhhh yeah? And he then proceeded to speak perfect English with us, which is SUPER rare here in Taiwan, and we taught him the first lesson in a 7/11 basically on the spot, and taught him another lesson a few days ago, and he is on date for baptism June 25th! He is such a stud, and I know that the gospel can give him direction in his life that he really needs!

Our area is HUGE like one of the biggest in the mission, which sucks because we have to bike forever every day. Also WE DONT EVEN LIVE IN OUR AREA. So the closest part of our area “Annan” is at least a 30 minute bike ride, and the farthest part “Jiali” is like a 1.5 hour bike ride one way. Well this week we met this lady who set up with us super far away, and WE BIKED 2.5 HOURS ONE WAY TO MEET HER FOR A LESSON. But it’s all for Team Jesus, so that’s ok!  Also, my quads are shredded.

This week I ate pigs blood soup on accident, so that was fun! I was eating this soup and this guy was like, “you know that’s pigs blood right”? And needless to say I stopped eating the soup.

Also my comp Elder Nelson ate an entire chicken, like EVERYTHING like eyeballs and brain and all, so that was fun haha.

May 22 Chicken Head

Elder Nelson and his chicken head dinner.


Made stir fry Week 1

I made this stir fry! My Mom would be proud!

ENGLISH CLASS!! So every Wednesday night we have a free English class that we teach as a service to the people and also as a great finding tool! Well the people’s names in class are CRAZY! In Taiwan they literally pick the most random English names ever. Like in the class, one dude’s name is Ferrari, and another dude’s name is literally “Marty McFly” hahahaha. But it’s so fun to teach them stuff!

Last night we were going out to bike up to Annan to do some contacting, and as we were just about to get there, Elder Nelson realized that he didn’t have our phone anymore…….. Soooo we retraced our steps and rode back to Yong Kang, and by a miracle of God we managed to find the phone under the tire of a parked car. Our phone is a super old Nokia, and it already looks like it’s been eaten by a dog multiple times, but it was completely wrecked, like back plate, battery, and phone all in different places. Oh also I forgot to mention it was POURING rain at this point. So our phone got run over by a car and soaked. But we went home and stuck it in a bag of rice last night, and what do you know IT WORKED THIS MORNING. Miracles, let me tell ya.

IMG_0125 (1)

Played some street baseball with some little kids!

I’m still super overwhelmed everyday here… like I pretty much don’t understand 90% of the stuff that people say to me, but i always respond with a “hao” or a “xie xie” to make it look like I know what I’m doing. But I am slowly starting to adjust! The people of Taiwan are SO nice, like they are awesome, and I’m so grateful I get to serve them! The food is still so great! But it does get pretty repetitive eating noodles, rice, or dumplings for every meal!

Grossest thing about Taiwan is definitely the Binglan, or beetle nut. It straight up is “dupin” or an illegal drug in America, but basically it’s this nut that everybody chews, and it makes it look like their mouths are bleeding, and it completely wrecks their teeth and gums, like rots them out. But it apparently gives you a buzz, so that’s why people do it. Literally everybody chews it, and there are shops that exclusively sell it on every street corner. But people chew it when they drive around on their scooters, and they are basically driving high, so everybody here drives like a maniac, and it’s pretty dangerous to bike around if you’re not careful!

Oh, also I got my first haircut here, and I didn’t know what to say to the lady, and she gave me this SUPER Asian haircut with like shaved sides and a ton on top, but she said I looked shuai, so I guess its ok?? Also I got asked out twice this week, but I had to tell the girls I’m a missionary so, no, lol.

Well that’s about all the time I have! I hope y’all had a great week, and I’m super grateful for you keeping me in your prayers! God definitely knows how much I needed that this week! I love you all, and I love Taiwan!!


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