Ni Hao From the Rice Paddies of Anding!

2016 May 29 Rice Paddies

Rice paddies of Anding!

As always, another eventful week here in the promised land of Taiwan!

This week I:

Taught the first lesson to a lady who thinks that all Harvard professors are aliens… not even kidding. She said “You know how when you sign up for classes, and you can’t see your professors?? THAT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE ALIENS” She was dead serious hahhaha the people here crack me up! She also was talking about some dude who built a time machine to go back in time to know Jesus in real life!

I finally ate stinky tofu! Andddddd it tastes exactly like you think rotten tofu would taste like… so SUPER GROSS. But this dude bought it for me, so I couldn’t turn it down. My trainer was dying the whole time! Pictures below!

Stinky tofu May 29 2016

Stinky Tofu is a hard pass

We went up to Anding to meet with this guy who said his dad might have interest in the gospel, and who owns a hot pot stand, and on the way there we literally got lost in the rice paddies! My area is like 99% rural farmland and 1% city, and we mostly stay in that 1% because that’s where all the people are. But we took some cool pictures!

Also we ran into this lady who owns a little market and she gave us some free peanuts, only thing is that they were RAW! I’ve never eaten a raw peanut before, but when you crack them open the peanut is pink, and it has a texture similar to a raw vegetable, also it kinda tasted like a raw snow pea. But we ate a couple each, and they weren’t very good, but because Taiwan ren are super friendly, she gave us a bunch more, and we had to eat them to be polite…… but we went to the hot pot place after and I got a SUPER GOOD hot pot for 80 Kuai, which is slightly less than $3. The food here is so cheap and so good!

2016 May 29 octopus balls

Octopus balls for dinner (ACTUALLY GOOD)

On Saturday we as missionaries got asked to sing at a funeral of some random dude, and we weren’t sure if he was even LDS, let alone Christian, but we went anyways. So we showed up and sang “Nearer My God to Thee” in Chinese, and the whole place was basically like “what are these white people doing here”. But later in the funeral one of the dudes speaking basically taught the Plan of Salvation, so we decided that the dude was LDS after all. The best part about the funeral was that they spoke in “Taiyu” or Taiwanese like 90% of the time, so we pretty much “ting bu dong-ed” the whole thing hahaha.

2016 May 29 Church sign

Yesu Jidu Houqi Shengtu Jiaohui, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

Later that day we set up a time to meet with this way cool dude who loves basketball, and we invited him to come to the church to play ball with us and some other missionaries. Well we got to the church and there was an activity going on in the gym, and we were kinda in a rough spot, but we decided to go to the local school and play. So we got to the school and there were these like 14 year old kids who seriously thought they could ball us up, and we decided to play them in 5v5. WE THREW DOWN ON THOSE LITTLE ASIAN KIDS. Seriously it was 4 missionaries and our investigator verses 5 Taiwanese middle schoolers hahahahahahah. We were literally dunking in their faces and we just destroyed them, but they were still talking so much trash hahaha. At the end we invited all of them to come to church on Friday night when they have like these pick up games, so it actually turned into “basketball contacting”. Basically any missionaries dream haha!

Well that’s about it for my week! I’m about to go to the beach for some P-Day activities with my zone after this email, so I’ll throw some pics about that up next week! I hope you all had a great week, and again I challenge you to look for the little miracles in every day. I know that as I’ve done that, I’ve been able to see just how much our Heavenly Father loves us!

Have a great week! I love you all!

Elder Stroud



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