One Crappy Week (Week 10)

Zach’s Mom’s Note:  Here’s the last one to catch up, dated July 18, 2016.  Sounds like bizarre foods have caught up with him.  😦   Our friend Dr. Lisa blames the pig butthole from last week.  That sounds about right to me.

This week was definitely one of the worst of my life.

I managed to contract Dysentery, which I thought only little African children get diagnosed with, but let me tell you… it’s a very real thing. Basically, I had bloody diarrhea 15+ times a day for entire last week. It got so bad at a point that we had to have one of the members in our ward drive us to the hospital to get my body checked out. The hospital was crazy! Taiwan has socialized health care, and once you’ve been on island for 4 months you get this card that lets you use it, but since I’ve only been here for 2 months I got to pay full price at the hospital. Guess how much that was?? 1080 Kuai or about $33 USD which is completely nuts. Seriously, I got checked out by a specialist and a TON of medications for that cheap, and that’s without the health care. The craziest part was that I got through the hospital quicker than everybody else because they were making more money off me. So it definitely opened my eyes to how ineffective socialized medicine is.

July 18 2016  hospital

Taiwanese hospitals

Other than to go to the hospital, we didn’t leave the apartment until Saturday night, so it was a long week of dying on the toilet and getting no sleep. I lost 10 pounds in six days. The members at church on Sunday all told me how I looked like death, so that was fun!

July 18 2016 lacrosse

I FOUND A DUDE WEARING A LACROSSE SHIRT!!! Taiwanese people have no idea what lacrosse is, and this is the first lacrosse thing I have seen since being here! He didn’t want to take a picture, but his mom (who is the owner of a restaurant we eat at a ton) made him hahaha. He had no idea what lacrosse was, smh.

Our new Mission President Teh and his wife are here and the changes are HUGE!!! The Taiwan Taizhong mission had an extra rule book that was like an extra 40 pages of rules on top of the Missionary Handbook, and he completely threw it out the window. Basically his philosophy is to follow the Spirit on everything, and not to even need tons of rules because we should be using our agency on everything. He is probably the most spiritual man I have ever met. He came and visited me in the apartment while I was dying, so we got to do interviews with him and got to know him a little better. The dude was/is literally a General 70 in the church, so it’s pretty incredible we get to have him as our mission president. We are all really confused as to why he is here though. Obviously there is something big in the works, because otherwise The Church wouldn’t send a 70 who doesn’t even speak the language to serve as a mission president for only 2 years instead of 3, like he is going to do. My guess is that the church is going to announce another temple in Taiwan. The church already has a plot of land purchased in Gaoxiong, which is south of where I’m at, which is definitely going to be for a temple, it’s just whether that time is within the next two years or not.

But anyways… this mission just took a huge change in direction that it’s going, so it should be interesting to see over the next couple years how that affects Taiwan! Sister Teh came as well and wrecked our apartment for basically everything she could see. Thankfully she didn’t see any cockroaches, or else she would’ve flipped, but we’re lucky they only come out at night. Our apartment in infested, so we kill 10+ cockroaches a day. It’s fun!

Earlier this morning we went and did a “bing” or Taiwanese ice challenge which was completely nuts. Obviously my body can’t handle a food challenge at this point, but my comp, Elder Nelson, and Elder Spendlove, who lives in the other half of our 4 man went to go do it! The challenge consisted of eating this enormous 15 pound bowl of stuff with 2 people in 2 hours. Well the owner of the shop said only 2 other people had finished the challenge before, and how there was no way they were going to do it, BUT THEY DID IT. It was hilarious because their strategy was to throw everything up basically. They were allowed to “go pee” but the dude obviously didn’t follow us in there, so they would go in and puke their guts out and go back to eat more. Both of them made 3 separate trips to the bathroom each and puked every time hahaha. At one point Elder Nelson and I were on a trip to the bathroom, and he said “Dude I’m not gonna make it” and I was like “dude the bathroom is literally 10 steps away”, and he stopped and puked EVERYWHERE on the ground. This “ama” watched it all go down and was completely unfazed, and just whipped out literally a fire-hose and sprayed off the ground. Super funny. Pic below!

July 18 2016 Bing

Bing challenge!! (This thing is all over two bathroom stall floors in XinShi hahahaha)

Don’t have a ton to write about this week, since I didn’t do much, but know that I love you all!! I love the Lord, and I love the people of Taiwan! Until next week!


Elder Stroud



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