Aug 1 2016 B

Taiwan is cool

Well this week was a strange one!

It started off with an Active Member Lesson on Monday night. In the states they do AMLs almost every night. That one was my second one since being on island. We went to the Yang’s house in AnNan and ate dinner there with their family, and shared a dope video about Christ that really brings the Spirit! Y. D. is super funny because he is a chef, and at church he told us that “if you haven’t eaten my food, you haven’t eaten”, so we took him up on his offer… and he wasn’t wrong! His food was super good, and he made a TON. In Taiwan, the people expect the missionaries to put down food, so we have to put the team on our backs and eat a tonnnnn of food every time we get qinged. Let’s just says it’s a good thing I bike around 5 hours a day hahah…

Aug 1 2016

Yang Family Dinner (He insisted on a selfie)

I went on exchanges with Elder G. this week in my area! We saw a freak ton of miracles which was super awesome!! We managed to add 4 new investigators in a period of 24 hours, which is nuts for our area. We did work in Anding.  I had to clutch the language in the lessons and try super hard to teach, so that was dang hard, but I did it!

We did something COMPLETELY NUTS. So this week WE HAVE A BAPTISM!! Anding Ward’s first baptism ever. Not even kidding. But we had to teach all of the commandments, which takes like at least two hours, and is usually spread out between different lessons, but we didn’t have time for that, and we taught all of them in a span of 2 hours. Super crazy. I basically spearheaded that lesson as well, so it was pretty difficult, but W. D. passed his baptismal interview, so I think I did my job! He’s getting baptized on Saturday, so it should be super sweet! Baptisms in Taiwan are super hit and miss, some missionaries get 10+ and some get 0, it’s all about the areas you serve in, so I’m pretty lucky to see this one in training. His wife got baptized 6ish years ago, and his son is turning 8 in October, so we really hit Eternal Families hard with him! It’s awesome to see someone come unto Christ! The coolest part is that I’ll get to go to the temple with them in a year to watch their sealing! I truly am blessed.

This week we went out tracting with Z. D. in our ward which is always super fun! He’s like 27 and served his mission in Taibei, but he speaks fluent Taiyu, so he can talk to all the people we can’t talk with! Taiwan is probably the only mission in the world where the main language of the country (Mandarin) isn’t spoken by all of the locals. The older generation (think grandmas and stuff) speaks Taiwanese, and some of them literally don’t even know what “Ni Hao” means.. It’s nuts. Basically the more south and more rural you get in Taiwan, the more Taiwanese is spoken. People who live in Taibei don’t speak it at all. Since my area (Anding) is super south, and super rural, we get a lot of Taiwanese. It’s completely pointless in studying, because it’s a dying useless language, but it’s frustrating sometimes when you can’t even speak Chinese to the people… But anyways… it’s fun to go out with him and not have that language barrier!

On Saturday we went out with the Young Men in our ward (We have 2 total!) and played badminton at this super legit badminton place! I thought badminton was something you only played in middle school P.E., and something that you laughed at when it comes on during the Olympics… but let me tell you.. Asian people freaking love badminton! We showed up at this legit facility and there were dude there decked out in like underarmour tights and headbands, and all this swag, and they straight balled out. It was super fun! It was great to give the young men a chance to see missionaries in a not as formal environment!

Aug 1 2016 badminton

Badminton with the YM bros

After badminton we got qinged the most ridiculous meal on my mission thus far! The lady who is LA who loves taking us out to eat at nice places took us to a super upscale restaurant with 2000 kuai a plate meals! We had this 10 course feast prepared for us by our own personal teppenyaki chef, and some of the food included, caviar, truffles, the best scallops I’ve ever had, and AMERICAN BEEF RIBEYE!! It was sooooo good! The craziest thing is that the most expensive thing on the menu was a 10,000 kuai meal that literally cost as much as my bike. It’s so weird because my area is literally just rice paddies and Taiwanese grandmas that are super poor, but we have this one nice hotel in the middle of nowhere, and that’s where this place was at!

Aug 1 2016 Fancy Dinner

Scallops and caviar for dinner!

Another funny thing was that we went out tracting alone last night, and we went to this super nice apartment complex that has never been tracted out before, and the guard on one side wouldn’t let us go in, so we went around to the other side, and waved and smiled with these huge goofy smiles at him and he let us in! We get to the first house, and right as we get the dude inside to the door, the mean guard sees us and starts yelling at us in Chinese, and we were like “What? your friend let us in” and he got even more mad, and then we acted like we didn’t understand Chinese, and then he kicked us out, lol. As we were leaving, another lady came out with her chihuahua and was super pissed at us and started telling us how her dog would bite us.. and we were like “lol that dog weighs as much as my dinner did hahahah” and we left! But we managed to find a sweet family before then, so we’ll go back to teach them later!

All in all, another great week out here! I love Taiwan and I love the adventures we have every day! Bringing people unto Christ is the most rewarding thing, and it’s awesome to see the change in people’s lives through the gospel! I know this church is true and I know that it can change lives! I love you all! I’m about to go to this SUPER sketchy zoo that costs $5 to get in, and they let you play with cobras and other cool things, so I’ll talk with you all next week!


Elder Stroud


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