English? What’s That??

090516 Dumpling Shop

A cool place that sells dumplings on the street for about 5 kuai each!

Hello all family and friends!! It has been another week down here in 南屯 (NanTun)!  Not a ton of things to say about this past week, because not a lot of new/cool things happened, it was a lot of the same things day after day.

090516 Pokemon Hunting

A Pokémon rush that we got caught up in!! We were contacting in a park, and all of a sudden we saw like 100’s of people just sprinting in a big group. We decided to chase after them and catch some “Pokémon” of our own (Investigators). It ended up being like a Dragonaire that appeared outside this Buddhist temple, and we ended up talking to this dude there for like 20 minutes and adding him for a later time! Only in Taiwan lol!

A couple cool things that happened this week-

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and it was such a blast to go hard with them!! I had the funnest time I have had on my mission thus far when Elder Ludwig and I played a game of “Quiddtich Contacting” where basically you set points for certain things and there is a prize at the end for the winner. The way it works is you assign a “Snitch” where you pick someone’s last name that is rare but not that rare, so for example we used “Xie” as our snitch, and if you contact the snitch, you get 1 point, if you get the snitches number you get 5 points, and if you can set up a lesson time with them or “catch the snitch” you automatically win. Any other person is 1 point for a number and 5 points for a lesson time set up. Well I ended up finding the “Snitch” but it didn’t realty go as planned, it actually went better! This girl came up to me and said  “Jia You Elder” which basically means “go get em!” and I was like oh you must be a member! Her last name was “Xie” haha. She said she was, and I explained to her the game we were playing, and told her that I needed her help with the next person I was about to contact. We contacted this dude, and I tried to set up a time with him to meet next week and he said he was busy, but he said he could meet RIGHT NOW! So we ended our game early and went to the church and taught this dude about the Book of Mormon. It was a pretty sweet miracle!

We saw another miracle this week as well! Elder Jiang and I were contacting home and we were right by our apartment when we spotted this bro standing on the corner of the street. We went up to talk to him and we invited him to come to church. Come Sunday he was actually there, and he had a great time!! Basically that never happens where we invite people to come without ever meeting with them previously, and they actually come, so it was another sweet miracle! We’re meeting with him again tonight!

WE BAPTIZED AGAIN! Another awesome miracle! His name is Zeng Rong Yu, and his English name is “Green Tea” hahaha. But we finally got him to the font, and he finally accepted baptism! We got him in just the nick of time, because he starts school in Tainan, about 2 hours away, tomorrow! Once again it was cool to see someone come unto Christ and change their life for the better to follow in His footsteps!

090516 Green Tea Baptism

This week’s pictures include: Us at the baptism! We helped one of the young men baptize him. Zeng is the one with the glasses.

I personally am doing okay… it’s extremely difficult to be working with my companion, and as the title of this email indicates, I don’t speak English anymore. Every day is a struggle and brings new challenges, but I know that I will only grow from my time here with Elder Jiang. Please continue to keep me in your prayers, because I really do need them right now! Also it’s crazy to hear about the hurricane back home! It’s so weird that I didn’t even know it happened until like 30 minutes ago through email. Being a missionary is strange! Well I don’t have a ton of time to write more, so this is pretty much it for this week! I love you all!


Elder Stroud


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