Hello all!! It has been quite the interesting week here on Island! With Mid-Autumn Festival coming to a close here, we had such a fun time experiencing something that is truly Taiwan!


Streets of Taizhong! That watch shop there sells tons of fake stuff for about $12 USD which is super awesome!

This week we had a few cool and new things happen to us!

The first miracle we had happen was that we found this man named Zhao on the streets, invited him to have a lesson with us and he actually came! That’s not the miracle part though… that happens all the time… the miracle part was that he’s 73 years old and willing to listen to us!! Usually with anybody over the age of 60ish, they are all SUPER “Bai Bai” and super into their little religion of idol worship and ancestor worship, and not willing to even listen to what we have to say. It was super funny in the lesson when we taught him… We showed the Restoration 20 video, and afterwards asked him what he learned from it… he said he “Ting Bu Dong” which means he didn’t understand the Chinese. Like I’ve said before, one of the craziest things about Taiwan is that some of the older generation don’t speak Chinese, only Taiwanese. Lucky for us, Elder Jiang, being from Taibei, can speak Taiwanese, so he basically re-taught the whole first lesson in Taiyu after we had taught it in Mandarin haha. Miracle #2 was that he came to church with us on Sunday so that was super sweet!

We got invited this week to go over to an RC’s (Recent Convert) house and “Kao Rou” or grill various meats and stuff on these little grills for Mid-Autumn Festival, so we went there and ate a ton of food and it was awesome!!


All the missionaries in NanTun “Kaoing Rou”

That night we went “Kao Rou Contacting” where basically we just picked a street and jit up every person who was grilling outside of their house, which was like everyone! So we got to meet a ton of cool people and share about Jesus Christ, and eat a ton of free meat.


Meat for days

Win, win, win! Everyone was super happy too, so it was much easier to talk to them than normal!


Also this week about 30 new missionaries came on island, and we got invited to help them contact their first night here! They used to do “Dan Jones” Night, but now it’s just a new missionary going with an experienced one and hitting the streets contacting! It really showed me how much I have come these past 4 months, because my new missionary’s Chinese was absolutely awful, so that was a nice little confidence booster for me haha! But of course I encouraged him to try his best and we actually were about to get some people to give us their numbers, so that was awesome!

Pretty much that was it for my week, nothing too exciting. Transfers came out yesterday and we found out that our ward was is getting a second set of sisters, which is completely nuts considering that most wards don’t even have one set! I’ll be staying in NanTun for at least another 6 weeks with Elder Jiang, so continue to pray for me and my success here. Apparently a massive typhoon hit Taiwan, but we didn’t feel it at all here in Taizhong, so I guess that was a blessing. That’s pretty much it! I love you all!! Special shout out to my boy Grant for putting in his mission papers and choosing to go on a great adventure like me!! So proud of you dude!


Elder Stroud


Fresh pair of 100% authentic NKIE’s



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