60 Years of Missionary Work in Taiwan (But actually 7 months for me)

(Zach’s Mom’s note: So I’ve used Google Translate to try to get at some of these Chinese characters… sorry if the translations aren’t very good!)


在傳教 (Google translate for this one sucks- Zach) (It reads “missionary” – Mom) Google translate sucks in general. I feel bad for all the stuff my high school Chinese teachers had to read that I took straight from Google lol 張老師和邢老師對不起. 我現在比較好 (which translates to Teachers Zhang and Xing, I am sorry! I am better now!)

大家好!(Hello everyone!) Another great week here in 南屯區! (NanTun) This week was super interesting because this week the 60th Anniversary of Missionary Work in Taiwan happened 剛剛好 (that’s right) in my area! We were super lucky to get to attend, and it was crazy! 差不多 (almost) 5,000+ members from all of Taiwan came to NanTun to watch this super incredible play put on by members from all around the country! It was really quite the sight to see, and it was a blast to attend! It really was quite the special occasion, and quite the event! My district was lucky enough to be chosen to represent all of the missionaries in Taiwan, and we got to take a picture with the mayor of Taichung City! The event also included a huge bike ride with hundreds of people including a special appearance of President and Sister Blickenstaff, who were my last mission presidents and finished their mission in June. It was super fun to see them in a much less formal setting. Pretty much all of my pictures this week are from that!


Hangin’ out with the mayor of Taichung.


Super dope Yang family from my last ward in AnDing 安定, they preformed in the huge play.


Part of our entourage during the bike ride.

This week we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders and that was super fun as it always is! I went with Elder Kunz and we decided to go to the college in my area Ling Tung University (actually pronounced Ling Dong), and we talked with some students there for like 15 minutes before getting kicked off campus lol. Elder Jiang and I met with a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses and tried to have a lesson with them, but they did as they always do, and acted super immature, not willing to listen to even basic Bible stuff, so we ended up just leaving and spending our time in a more productive way. Also we found this restaurant that has 70 kuai fried rice, and plays the top 25 American EDM charts, so we are gonna be frequent customers of theirs in the future ha!


Go Miami Noles in Taiwan?

We got dropped by like 10 investigators this past week, which kinda sucks, but it just means we have to go hard to get new ones to fill our pool! The biggest blessing about serving in a huge city is that you can find people to talk to on the streets no matter what time of the day it is!

Other than those couple of things, it was a pretty basic week for us with nothing much special going on. We teach lots of lessons every day, and we are soon gonna have to start doing some more contacting to get some new people to teach! Keep me in your prayers, because the Lord knows I need them…

Hope you all had a great week! This email is kinda short because we are about to go hiking in DaKeng which is supposedly pretty sick, so I should have some dope pictures for next week! Have a safe week! I love you all!


Elder Stroud


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