Mushroom Mountain

From October 24, 2016


Mushroom farm

Hello all!! This week’s email isn’t going to be very long because 1. Not much happened this week, and 2. We are going to Sun Moon Lake today, and I don’t have much time to write.


A giant 柚子 (Pomelo)

On Monday we decided we wanted to go hiking up in DaKeng, but instead we ended up getting lost and going to XinShe instead. XinShe is the mushroom capital of Taiwan, and if you know me, you know I’m not a fan of mushrooms, so I was less than entertained there lol.

We went to this giant mushroom farm and then wandered around the little town up on the mountain there.


Even in the middle of nowhere there is still pizza!


Crazy puppet show these two people were doing outside of a temple in the middle of nowhere. There was nobody watching them except us, and they were preforming before we got there. There were huge speakers blasting super advanced TaiYu and the three native missionaries I was with said they all didn’t even understand it.

I am pretty sure the people there had never seen a white person, because they were gawking at me all day. When I spoke Chinese to one of them they completely lost it haha! Also one man practically threw his newborn infant at me telling me to take a picture with it because I was white haha!  But it was a fun day, and I took lots of pictures, so you all can look at them.

102416 amas flower festival.jpg

Amas getting ready for the Flower Festival in XinShe

We were lucky to have our annual mission tour this past week, where a general authority comes and visits the mission. Elder Funk the Asia Area President and of the 70, came and visited us. He said tons of cool things, but of what he said, I think the thing that struck me the most was a quick story he told us. He said that before general conference every year, every single general authority has a big meeting in Salt Lake. He said at the start of the meeting, President Nelson of the 12 got up on the stage and said “Every single General Authority of the church is with us here today, except Elder Michael Teh, who is currently on assignment serving as the Taiwan Taichung Mission president, we thank him for his service and note his absence.” It really made me think how blessed this mission is to have the ONLY General Authority Mission President out of 400+ missions in the entire world. Another interesting thing he said is that the Asia Area covers half of the world’s population 3.5 Billion+ people, and yet only has 1,350 missionaries covering it. It makes me feel like there is so much more that needs to be done!

He said that right now is a turning point for the church in Taiwan, where before it was a growing church, like it now is in Africa, and now it is an established one, more like America. We as missionaries have to help it make that transition.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week and received another confirmation of the truthfulness of that book! What a blessing it is that we can open up a book and read the words Jesus and of prophets of old. My characters have gotten to a point where I can comprehend most of them, so this next read through, starting today, will be in strictly Chinese, wish me luck!

That’s pretty much it for me today, I hope you all had great weeks! Enjoy the pictures!


Elder Stroud


Love breathing in all of that smog/pollution


Giant Buddha on top of this temple… compare to the scooters parked below.


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