Trick-or-Tracting in 彰化 (ZhangHua)

Hello all! It was an eventful week for me here!! I got the movecall today to head 15 minutes south to ZhangHua! My new companion is Elder Poon (Yes, that really is his name), and he is such a bro! He’s from Cottonwood Heights, Utah, and we get along super well! His mom was born in Vietnam, and his dad in Thailand, so he looks very Asian, but he definitely is 100% American, so I’m glad I can have a comp I can bro down with again! I can tell missionary work is going to be very fun this upcoming transfer!


My new stud companion Elder Poon

We had a pretty rough last week in NanTun, almost all of our lessons stood us up or 放我們的鴿子 (The google translate is awful for that, so don’t trust it, just ask your local Chinese person). So it was a very long week full of let downs on the investigator side of things. BUT I am pumped to do the work here in ZhangHua!


Looking for adventure!

We did go to Sun Moon Lake last Monday, and that was a blast! Probably the best P-day I’ve had during my mission! It was super fun there! I took lots of pictures, so y’all can check them out!


Met up with the PuLi missionaries at Sun Moon Lake! The Chinese says Rì Yuè Tán which literally means sun moon lake.

Other than that I don’t have much to write about for this email, but next week’s will be full of my adventures preaching the Gospel here in ZhangHua! Since today is Halloween, we are going to go Trick-or-Tracting tonight, but instead of costumes, we are dressed a missionaries, and instead of asking for candy, we are asking if we can share the message of the Restoration. So it should be fun!

I love you all so much! Thank you for the all the support and love you show me!

p.s. I just had to hack into the computer to remove a virus from the SD card that a lot of missionaries get from the internet cafe computers here, so I feel super smart now.


Elder Stroud

103116 saying goodbye to Messi.jpg

Said goodbye to some dope members in NanTun! This one’s English name is Messi (like the soccer player) and he is moving to Leeds, England to work in like two weeks! He helped us out a ton and was a great friend to us, he was such a bro!


Some SUPER 高級 Chinese. The three Taiwanese people I was with were struggling to read it. This is some very old Confucian style writings. 張老師邢老師加油!


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