Smells Like Curry (Not the Taiwanese kind, and not the kind with a great 3 ball)

Hello all from the wonderful city of CHANGGGGGHUA!


The boys

This past week was honestly one of the best on my mission!! Elder Poon and I are a dynamic duo here watching over the Lord’s flock in ChangHua City, and it is so much fun to do missionary work together! This area is sick because 1. It has a place we call 食物路 and it is a giant road with like 50 super cheap, super good restaurants and hundreds of people who are all super easy to contact! 2. It has a college literally at the chapel’s front door with thousands of college kids who are willing to talk. 3. Our apartment is bigger than a shoe box, so that is cool. 4. The Ward is awesome and loves missionaries and missionary work. 5. Asian college girls literally throw their phone numbers at white American boys, so it has been soooo easy to contact here haha! All you have to do is speak some Chinese, flash a smile, and boom, potential investigator. There are so many other good things about the area, but that is all I’m gonna write for now.

We have some sick investigators, almost all whom are college students, and they are all super cool. We have a Qiu Zhao Wei, a 20 year old bro who is in love with one of the sisters in the mission, who he met at college in Taibei, and he is on date for baptism next week. He gave his testimony in sacrament on Sunday and it was so awesome! The dude is sick and I can’t wait to help him come unto Christ real soon!


Love me some good old-fashioned idolatry (ft. 八卦山) the largest Buddha in Taiwan (like 80 feet tall)

We are teaching this dude named Rsuria!! Picture the most stereotypical Indian guy you can imagine, mustache, almost unibrow, super heavy Indian accent when he speaks English, a bushy head of hair, and that’s him!  He is straight out of India and doesn’t speak any Chinese at all, but is going to college here (yeah, I’m not sure how that works either). But he is hilarious, and the Ward absolutely LOVES him! I have to translate all of church for him, which is super hard, but it’s worth it! Taiwanese people are super racist because there is literally no races here besides Asians, like the diversity in Taiwan is non-existent, so the Ward wanted to just call him “The Indian” and I was like NOOOOO you can’t do that hahah, call him by his name!! Also in Elders quorum one of the brothers sitting next to me says “He smells like curry”, and I just started laughing hahah. TAIWAN NEEDS TO CHILL.

We decided to go “basketball contacting” at the college and we met this court of like 4 kids playing pickup ball. We tried to get them to come to church on Sunday, and they said no. SO we said “if both elder Poon and I make half court shots, you have to come”. They obviously agreed because it was a ridiculous proposition, and you should have seen their faces when Elder Poon drained the first shot hahahahaha. Unfortunately I was not as lucky, and clanked the rim on my shot, so we didn’t get them at church :/

WE got contacted by some Vietnamese prostitute this week and she was more than happy to give us her number lol. Next week we are going to give her a Vietnamese Book of Mormon so joke’s on her.

I think this week one of the biggest testimony builders to me was ordering a Book of Mormon in the Tamil language, Rsuria’s native language. It just made me think… we have Book of Mormon’s in like 100+ languages, and all of them have the same content, the word of God. I am in Taiwan, I can read, write, and speak fluent Chinese. That is a crazy thought. Joseph Smith translated the Book of Mormon into English in 1830, and I am sharing about it in Chinese(and sometimes Tamil) every day in 2016. How blessed we are that the work has progressed this far. This really is God’s gospel and his church.

I love you all so much and thank you for the support you give me every week! Have a great one!


Elder Stroud


Happy Halloween! Claw machine full of bloody hands (ft. Elder Poon)


Cool rock we found


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