FenYuan- The Land of Gold


Fresh cuts courtesy of He JieMei

Another great week her in ZhangHua! We found 7 new investigators this week, which was pretty sweet! Also we taught like 3 DaLu Ren, or people from Mainland China, so that was fun! For whatever reason we are just finding DaLu Ren like crazy here, so it’s interesting haha! It’s fun to finally hear Chinese accents like the kind I was taught in High School!

This week we went out to our Secondary area FenYuan, which is like an hour bike ride away in the middle of nowhere, and we struck gold when we met this super sick lady who came to church on Sunday! She said she loved church and can’t wait to come back, so that was a cool miracle!

People are going crazy for Trump here, and because we are literally the only Americans, they get so happy when they see us haha! This dude hopped off his scooter on election day and started jumping up and down and hugging us and going nuts just yelling “ChuanPu” which is the transliteration of his name here lol. We also visited one of the LAs in our ward and she gave us some fresh cuts for free, which was sick. We also got qinged to a chidaobao this week, which is always good!


Free ChiDaoBaos are always nice


Dinner with some of the Second Wards investigators!

So I was inspired by Elder Pothier this week to make a ESPN NOT TOP 10 of events that happened this week! Here ya go-

  1. At the ChiDaoBao Elder Rindlisbacher, who is in my district, scooped up a bowl of “Yogurt” and took a giant bite of what was actually mayonnaise. hahahahaha
  1. After English class we were talking with one of our students, Tim, who is also a member, and setting up a dinner appointment with him and his wife. The entire conversation he was just no shame ripping audible farts, so that was funny!
  1. Chinese mainland people have a very heavy accent, and Taiwanese mandarin does not. For example in Taiwan if you want to say the word “where” you say NaLi, and in northern parts of china you say “Nar”. Both are correct in both places. In the middle of one of our lessons this week with a couple of college kids from China, we also had the same farting Tim as our “member present”. Well Tim is from Inter-Mongolia, which 算 China. Tim has a Taiwanese wife, and has been living here for about 10 years, so he has a Taiwanese accent, but as soon as he heard these kids talk, he busted out his old accent and just started going hard with these kids. I looked at Elder Poon and just burst out laughing in the middle of the lesson because we literally did not understand a word of their Chinese because the accent was so heavy.
  1. There is a pretty valid stereotype that all the sisters in the mission have awful Chinese. The sisters in our ward went out to this teppenyaki place we go to all the time for food. It is $60 Kuai which is less than $2USD for a pork or beef teppenyaki, but for whatever reason the chicken is $120 Kuai. Well the sisters went alone one night and both ordered chicken, and were shocked when the dude kept on insisting that they needed to pay $60 kuai more than they thought it was. There is literally a giant sign out front that says the prices of things, but they both can’t read characters soooo… yeah. They ended up throwing a fit and leaving because they thought they were being scammed. Then the next day they came crying to us and we told them the deal lol. We went that night with just the elders and joked with the 老闆 that we wanted $60 kuai chicken too! He wasn’t happy hahahah

Pretty much that’s it for this week! There’s not much to do here in ZhangHua, so we are pretty bored on pdays, but that’s ok! I hope you all had a great week and saw some cool miracles! Love  y’all!


Elder Stroud


Thanks, Lake Reams Ward for the awesome banner!!



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