Tastes Like Dog

Another great week out here in Changhua! This email is going to be pretty short as we are going up to Taizhong today so not a ton of time, but I’ll try and touch on the basics.


Went up to Ba Gua Shan again on exchanges with Elder Bradford. His recent convert family from Tainan came up to hang out with us.


They took us out to lunch at a place where you can grill up as much meat as you want.



Our table was number B9, like my dorm building at BYU, so I had to take a tool pic.

We are teaching so many cool people!

Our most golden investigator, Sister Lin (same last name as Jeremy Lin (and actually pronounced like leen) is progressing super quickly towards baptism, and is super awesome! She is willing to accept any invite, and has come to church twice!

We still are teaching like 10 different people from Mainland China, so that’s fun! It’s so crazy to teach someone with LITERALLY no religious background, like never even heard of Jesus Christ or even Buddha.

This week in English class we asked the class what they ate for dinner, one of our students, Susan, said she ate 狗(Gǒu), which means dog. We were like 熱狗(RèGǒu)??? which literally means hot dog, and she was like “no”… 狗肉(GǒuRòu) which means dog meat. We were like… um what, and the rest of the class turned and looked at her and was like umm… what. In Taiwan they don’t eat dog, but in some parts of China they do, so everyone was kind of shocked. She said that there is a place by the college where you can eat dog, so were gonna try and find it this next week hahaha.


Tim, the legend himself, straight out of Inner-Mongolia. He offered to bring us back some fake Rolex’s when he goes to China next month, so that should be sweet.


Tim, (one of my favorite members) had us over for dinner this week. We bought his kids OREO cakes, and they were super happy


Here’s a picture of a delicious bottle of Lebron’s Mix Sprite that they only have in Taiwan, I think.

Pretty much that was it for our week! Everything else was pretty standard. Hope you all had a great one! Remember to keep us missionaries in your prayers! Love y’all!


Elder Stroud


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