This week was ridiculous. That is the only way I could describe it. I have never seen so many miracles on my mission. THIS WEEK WE FOUND 15 NEW INVESTIGATORS! To put that into perspective, the mission standard 2 months ago was 3 new investigators a week, and then got changed to 7, which is still a very, very lofty goal. We doubled that. This week the Lord led us to 3 new families that all are very prepared to hear the message of Jesus Christ.


Bringing Jesus to the streets of Taiwan. Sunday night tracting is the only efficient time to do it here.

One of the families we found while lost and looking for a member’s house. As we biked past their house, we looked in and saw a family. Elder Poon stopped about 5 seconds later and said we needed to go back and hit them up. As we pulled up, I spoke some dumb Taiyu and made them all laugh, and we were graciously invited inside. Their family had 4 children, the youngest of which is 10. Taiwanese families having more than two children is very rare. They were a pretty rowdy bunch, but as soon as we said the opening prayer, you could feel the Spirit fall over the room as they all intently listened to the message we were sharing. We were invited back to share more next Friday.


Cool bro we met playing basketball at this secret court in the middle of nowhere under an overpass in our area.


The second crazy miracle we saw happened that same day when, we were waiting at the church for a member to eat dinner with us. A man randomly walked in, asked to have a tour of the church, and asked us how he could better know God. Things like that never happen.




For Thanksgiving our ward put on a MASSIVE activity, even though Taiwanese people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving at all. But it was a massive party with enough food to feed the 200+ people there in true Thanksgiving fashion. Someone even brought COSTCO pumpkin pie, so on top of the rice, noodles, and pretty much all the other non-traditional thanksgiving food, we American missionaries had at least some normality.


Costco pumpkin pie with chopsticks! And still rocking the Squanto headband.

We missionaries were tasked with telling the story of how Thanksgiving came to be, and I was given the role of Squanto in the play lol! It was pretty hard to translate all of that stuff into Chinese, but we managed to do it!


The life of Squanto, and two of our investigators, Qiu DiXiong and Pony.

I was just so grateful this week, and I can honestly say it was the most grateful week of my life. Being away from family was a lot easier than I thought it would be when you are focused on trying to help others, and that is all we do every day.


Be grateful for what you have and focus on the positives of life. I invite everyone to read Elder Neil A. Andersen’s Thanksgiving MTC address on being grateful. I know I learned a lot reading it.



Pretty much that’s it for my week! My Taiwan national health card came this week, so we are going to the dentist for the equivalent of $3 today to get a checkup and teeth cleaning! Yeah… there isn’t much to do here on pday, lol. Love you all! Happy December!


Elder Stroud


I thought I ordered seafood at this steakhouse, but I got a ginormous squid instead. Doesn’t matter, it was delicious.



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