Guess What? …Chicken Butt

120516 Merry Christmas.jpg

Merry Christmas from your favorite Changhua Elders

Super short one this week as we are heading out to NanTou today to go 玩 (“play” per Google Translate), so that should be fun!

Yep, as the title alludes to… chicken butt was the Taiwanese treat of the week! If you can imagine, chicken butt tastes just like you think the part of the chicken where poop passes through to taste like. We were teaching a family, and the dad left to go get food and came back with at least like 100 chicken butts on sticks. We had to eat them. Not fun.

We had the kind of week that you would expect after a week where you find 15 new investigators. We got to teach a lot of lessons! 林姐妹 (Sister Lin) passed her baptismal interview yesterday and is very excited for this upcoming Saturday when she will be baptized. We also have a few baptismal goals for Christmas Eve/Christmas which will make for a pretty legendary Christmas.


In front of the ChangHua Train Station there is a concrete island where all of the minorities here working in the factories congregate on the weekend. Vietnamese, Filipino, and Indonesian people are everywhere. We came across this rowdy drunk group of Indonesians and I asked if Elder Poon could play their guitar. After jamming out for a little bit we were all best friends! Apa Kabar! (Indonesian for “how are you”)



Every week I teach Elder Poon English! Just kidding he’s from Utah.

Pretty much no time left to write more, but know that I love all of you, and I love our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful to be a missionary this Christmas season and to be spreading the cheerful message of Him! Have a great week!


Elder Stroud



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