Christmas in ZhangHua!


My Christmas tree made by my mom, aunt and Grandma NJ, from Old Peak Tree Farm. Counted down 24 days before Christmas with a note from a family member in each pocket.



This week we had a very Christmas themed week! It was 32 degrees here all week long! …But… it was 32 degrees Celsius, so it was actually like 90F and super hot! Yay for Taiwan! We spent our time testifying of Jesus Christ, as well as singing lots and lots of Christmas carols at various locations around ZhangHua.

I also had an awesome Christmas Eve dinner featuring the Stroud Christmas Eve spaghetti sauce, made, dehydrated, and mailed to me by my Aunt Christy and Uncle Preston.  You guys are AWESOME!

I was lucky to be able to Skype my family this morning, and am so thankful for them and their examples to me. I am truly grateful to be blessed with such a loving family. My Christmas day here included opening up two boxes of packages from my family in the morning.  We got invited to a lovely Christmas brunch by the American couple in our ward here teaching English.  Then we went to church, where Christmas wasn’t mentioned even once… (lol Taiwan).  We ate a Christmas dinner of curry rice with the ward, we went to the old folks home to help two members in their 90’s partake of the Sacrament, and then we went out Christmas tracting at night. Tracting was super ineffective, as it always is, so we headed to the College basketball court to do a little bball contacting. The Lord helped me rain 3’s that night, and after balling up these two sophomores, we gave one of them a Book of Mormon and testified about it. Fun times! Other than Christmas, it was a pretty standard week, nothing much ever happens in ZhangHua, so we are slowly progressing our investigators towards their baptismal goals next month! Big things are in store here! I hope you all had a magical Christmas, and remembered to remember the reason for the season! I wish you all a happy new year! Until next week!


Elder Stroud


There weren’t any signs saying we couldn’t climb on the lion… so we did!


My Recent Convert family came and visited me on Christmas Eve! They looked so happy and beamed with the light of Christ!


Train ride back from zone conference with the district


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