Anotha’ One

Another week down here in ZhangHua. Again, pretty standard with not much deviation from the norm.

Today we are going to the Qingjing Farm (清境農場) in NanTou for pday, which is this super sweet place up in the mountains about 2 hours away, thus why this email is coming a little early.

This past week for pday, a member took us out to DaKeng to go hiking and it was also super sweet. Pics below.


Hiking in DaKen

I think the funniest thing of the week happened when the ZhangHua 3rd ward sisters called us at random and started screaming into the phone “QUICK HOW DO WE THROW UP, HOW DO WE THROW UP” as they explained to us that they were just at a members house and the got fed a ton of pork buns with very under cooked pork in them, and had just realized this after they had eaten the batch. So instead of risk getting a parasite, or even worse… dysentery. They thought the best approach was to just clean their systems themselves. We laughed and gave them a few methods of forcing yourself to throw up, and all were merry and on the way.

We went on exchanges again this week, and I had a blast doing work with Elder Rindlisbacher. We decided to head out to the extremely busy morning market in our area on Saturday morning, and do a little “Dan Jones”-ing. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it basically is going to a super crowded place and standing on something tall, and yelling your testimony to the people there. As scary as that might sound, we weren’t even the least bit scared, and we saw some success too! In between all of the insults and swears thrown at us while doing it, we found a very nice old man who pulled up a chair and listened to us. We went up to him afterwards, and it turned out he was a Christian and happy to meet with us later!

I love you all! Have another great one!


Elder Stroud


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