Mudungee Gudah. Muhloosoo


Strange mosaic with some classic Chinese to English grammar we found.

You may be thinking, what has Elder Stroud put as his email title this time? That doesn’t sound like Chinese… that sounds like some weird African language. Well that my friends is how to say hello in Taiwan Aboriginese if you have ever wondered. It is different from normal Taiwanese, and obviously different from Chinese. Taiwan is demographically about 2% aborigine, and most live up in the mountains on the east coast. Lucky for us we get to teach one of them right here in ZhangHua and he is sick! Aside from him, things are slowly moving along here in ZhangHua. The college still isn’t back in session, so we are still getting wrecked on that front, last week we set up 6 lessons with potential new investigators, and 4 of them stood us up, so yeah. Yesterday we did drop in two investigators new baptismal goals, so that is sick, and even though the work is slow, it is still happening!


Hangin with the Du family. You have to wear house slippers in every house…

We got asked to go to the hospital to give a member’s old grandpa who has super bad pneumonia a blessing, and it was a crazy experience. He was in the ICU unit and we had to sanitize our whole bodies and put on masks and special clothes to even go in there, and each patient is only allowed two guests at a time, so his family couldn’t be in there with us. It was just us in there with this dying man and some nurses. He was hooked up to a million machines and something happened and the nurses started freaking out and stuck a bunch of tubes in him and I honestly thought I was about to see this dude die in front on me. We gave him a quick blessing and left so the family could be in there with him. That environment was extremely high stress with people literally dying and nurses freaking out and sprinting all over the place. To say the least, I’m definitely never going to be a doctor.

Elder Daines and I are having a blast doing missionary work together! He is a super hard worker, and even though he has only been on island 6 months, his Chinese is super good! He taught me how to solve a Rubik’s cube, so I can now solve one of those puppies in under 3 minutes which is pretty sick. He also is an extremely gifted pianist and can play any song on the piano after hearing it once, so we have been fun playing around with that in our very limited free time at night. (We may or may not have “borrowed” a mini keyboard from the church to put in our apartment.)

I wish I had more to write, but lately we just have been doing the same old things… I guess a funny thing that happened this week was the Lantern Festival Holiday. It is about as important as America’s Arbor Day, but Elder Daines and I were going around and telling everybody, 元宵節快樂! (Happy Lantern Festival!) We just got weird looks all day and nobody said 快樂 (Happy!) back to us which you normally do with a big holiday, so it was pretty entertaining!

Anyways, I love you all! Have a great week and count your blessings!


Weird Asian flavored everything.


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