Off to Tall Hero 高雄


Goodbye, Elder Daines it’s been great!


On my way to my new assignment in Kaohsiung!

Well all, this week’s email will be very short, as in a second, I have to get on a train to “Tall Hero” Kaohsiung City (actually pronounced GaoShiong, Taiwan’s pinyin system, which translates Mandarin into phonetic English, is just awful). I will be serving in the ShiZhong 市中 ward in the SanMin district of the city, which 市中 translated literally means city center, so needless to say things will be pretty hustling and bustling!kaohsiung-map


I have only heard good things about Kaohsiung City, and am pumped to serve the people down there. Because it is really far down south, there is lots more Taiwanese spoken. Needless to say, there will be lots of opportunities to squawk some Taiyu (the native Taiwanese language) at old grandmas. #ComingHomeTrilingual


I was asked to baptize this little 8 year old girl in our ward.

This week was pretty great here. We set up Lai DiXiong for his baptism next week. A process that has been 3 months coming. He is pumped to be baptized, and of course I am very sad I am going to miss out on the big day.


Lai DiXiong and his family.



Elder Daines and I worked the college to get some new investigators, and we saw a lot of success there.






The 帥哥 (Handsome Guy) Haircut. LOL!

Also a lady at church shaved my head on the sides and gave me a pretty sick haircut. Probably not missionary appropriate, but it should grow out in a few weeks haha! Pretty much I said I wanted a sick haircut, and she just took it way too far lol!




Anyways, I’ll write more next week when I’m in Kaohsiung! I love you all! Have a great one!


Elder Stroud


Found on the side of a building #yolo



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