In the city, the city of GaoXiong (Kaohsiung)- We keep it rockin’


I ❤ Kaohsiung

Very interesting week here! We taught a total of 0 lessons and pretty much spent our time on the streets finding. Weeks like that always go by super slowly. GaoXiong is sick though! The city is HUGE! To put it into perspective, we have a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on the top floor of one of the skyscrapers in our area. VERY different from the rice paddies and fields of ZhangHua. Our area is super small size wise, only including the QianJin, YanCheng, GuShan, and XinXing districts of the city. The coolest part is that our area has an island called QiJin in it, and it is basically a Taiwanese Key West.


The beach at QiJin and all of the freighter ships lined up coming into port from China

We can only get there by ferry boat, but it is super cool! There are literally millions of people here, and the potential is endless! The only bad part is that because our area is super super small, we find referrals for other parts of the city for days. Every time we find someone who lives outside of our area we say that another person gets baptized in Brazil. Lol.


Basic tag in sand pic

Unfortunately because I am basically whitewashing into the area (my companion and I both being new to this area), we have to start from scratch to find people to teach, but with some diligence, we shouldn’t have any problems!

My new companion is Elder Choi from Provo, UT! His family is all Korean, and he also speaks fluent Korean! He is only 18 and graduated HS in 2016. He’s been on island for about 7 months, but his Chinese is super good, so it is easy to do work with him. He is a bro and we have very similar personalities! We should do great work here together.


Chinese new year all over again with Elder Choi at dinner last night. Drinking winter melon tea which is super good!

That’s pretty much it for this week! Today we are going to Monkey Mountain for hiking and playing with the monkeys. It should be pretty fun!

Also shout out to my sister Liz on getting accepted to BYU!!! GO COUGS!

Love you all!  Until next week!

Elder Stroud


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