Dragons, Tigers, and Sharks. Oh My!

032017 Tiger pagoda

This past week was pretty great! Like I mentioned last week, we went to the Dragon Tiger Pagodas for pday and had a blast hanging with other missionaries and looking at cool Buddhist things. More pictures below.

We were also lucky enough to have one of the Less-Active members we rescued in AnDing come down to GaoXiong to take us out to lunch at a super nice buffet on the top floor of a skyscraper in our area. The restaurant is called 海港 (Harbor Restaurant) and it is a seafood themed place. We ate unlimited sashimi, shark, frog, and some foie gras! It was super nice! It was also super nice to catch up and hear about how the AnDing ward is doing these days. Crazy to think that I was there about a year ago! Time flies out here.

Right now we are doing pretty OK missionary work wise. We have a solid 7 investigators on date for baptism within the next month, but as it stands right now, most won’t hit their goals, so we’re gonna have to step our game up in that area. We are struggling to find, so that is definitely our biggest problem. It is crazy to think that with the millions of people who live in this city, how much harder it is to find than in the more rural areas. People are just always in a rush here and not very willing to meet. It’s ok though! We keep the faith, we keep working hard, and we see results!

032017 Lai Family BaptismThe Lai family got baptized 2 weeks ago in ZhangHua by my former companion Elder Daines! I found the Lai’s during my first transfer there with Elder Poon, and I taught them all of the lessons over a three month span! Unfortunately I left the week before they got baptized, but I still count them as my own! One of the coolest families I have taught my whole mission! SO pumped for them!

Today we are heading out to 小琉球 (Xiaoliuqiu Island), which should make for a super fun pday!  It’s Taiwan’s only large coral island and you take a ferry about 15 km off the coast to get there.  It has famous caves and rock formations.  We are having a member take us out there with one of our investigators! It should be a cool adventure! Because of that time is short today, so this email will be as well! I hope you all have a great one!


Elder Stroud


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