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040217 Ocean in our area

Having the ocean in your area comes with perks!

Hello all! I was another week in the books here! The work is progressing as are most of our investigators! This week at church we managed to get all of our baptismal goals at sacrament, which was a pretty big miracle! Right now the main people we are working with are:

陳昶麟- He is a member referral and the bishop’s nephew and about 32, his best friend is a super strong member, and his only problem right now is a desire to be baptized. He meets all of the other requirements, but that one. We are working super hard on that. He is supposed to get baptized this week, but my guess is that he probably won’t. Hopefully soon though!

謝秉燊- He is a graduate student and a super golden member referral and his is on baptismal date for 4/22! He has come to church these past 3 weeks and become super good friends with all of the members! Yesterday he was super pumped to tell everyone that he will be getting baptized in a few weeks! He is looking super solid!

全軒- She is a 20 year old waitress working at a night club, who is a Aboriginal Taiwanese, and already a Christian! She has a giant tattoo of Jesus on her arm, and is also pumped for baptism on 5/6! The best part about her is that she has time pretty much whenever we have time to meet! She also has investigated other Christian churches in the past and said she didn’t like any of them, so perfect for The Restoration.

劉見昇- He is a really interesting dude. He is about 42 and was a self-contact. He walked into the church at random with a cup of beer and asked us to teach him about Jesus. He really wants to change his life and follow Christ, but has lots of commandment problems, so we are working closely with him on that. He also was supposed to get baptized this week, but we pushed it back to 5/6 to allow him to work with us more on his problems! He has probably the strongest desire to follow Christ out of anyone I have taught on my mission thus far, so super cool!

Because our area is super small, it is pretty hard to find. The biggest problem is that, in being the city center, everybody works here but nobody actually lives here, so we find referrals for days! Elder Choi and I keep grinding though and hopefully we will keep seeing success!

040217 Ride the bull

Killing the mechanical bull. All the Taiwanese people were super impressed how well us 白人 (white boys) could stay on. #CowboyBlood

This past week we went to a fun little amusement place with games and bowling and a mechanical bull, so that was super fun!

We also got our hair cut by this super famous dude named 鍾 who owns a very upscale salon, but cuts missionaries hair for free because he was baptized about 5 years ago! He literally gets flown around the world to cut famous people’s hair. Probably the best hair cut I have ever gotten! He doesn’t use buzz clippers, but holds 5 pairs of scissors in one hand to get a fresh cut! He said he is moving to Utah in a few months to open up a salon there, so keep your eyes open for a 鍾 (Bell) Salon!

040217 Haircuts with Famous Hairdresser Member

Haircuts from 鍾 (Bell)

This week we somehow managed to get fed by the members every day, which was super nice! The members here love Elder Choi and I haha! One this past week we had 2 lunch appointments and 2 dinner appointments. It was too much. We got taken out to Smokey Joe’s, which is a super expensive Mexican restaurant, the only one in Taiwan, so it was fun to eat Mexican food, something that doesn’t exist here!

040217 Smokey Joes Mexican Food

Smokey Joe’s with 吳弟兄

We also ran into this group of about 50 tourists from mainland China who freaked out over us and took about 100 pictures with us! It was super funny. One of them had a Jehovah’s Witness book that he was reading that some JW gave him, and I said “no you don’t want to read that, read this instead” so I traded him for a Book of Mormon haha! Good times. Last night we got invited over to the U.S. Consulate to Taiwan’s house to eat dinner, and we had a thanksgiving feast! It was a pretty good week!

040217 US Consulate House

US Consulate’s Home with other missionaries in our district. Thanksgiving feast was awesome!


Anyways, we are going to Kenting National Park today, so it should be really fun! It’s one of the top tourist destinations in Taiwan and famous for its mountains, beaches, and coral cliffs.  I hope you all had a good week, and I hope you enjoyed General Conference! (Ours is next week due to a translation delay).


Elder Stroud


040217 Pokemon Cards

Elder Choi and I found a shop that sells sick Chinese Pokemon cards for dirt cheap. This ones in this picture cost about 100 kuai ($3.30)



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