House Hunters (ShiZhong Elders Edition)

042417 ​謝秉燊 hyped for baptism

Fo Guang Shan – Taiwan’s largest Buddhist Monastery

What a week it has been! We got home Monday night after proselyting to find our apartment infested with hundreds of termites everywhere! After being on the phone with the mission office and the landlord almost all night, we finally got the green light to move out! We knew that our apartment had termite problems, as there are a few structurally insecure places in the floor, where if you were to jump on them, you would fall through, but all of the termites decided to come out at once and mate to set up new colonies.

We have been in talks with real estate agents and landlords all week long. He haven’t even done any missionary work this past week… Basically the mission has given us a super small budget and full responsibility to find and secure a new apartment. If you thought buying a house in America is a long, confusing, and frustrating process, try doing it completely in Chinese. Reading contracts and doing negotiations in Chinese is pretty dang sucky. To say it has been a stressful week would be an understatement.

Other than our housing fiasco, we were lucky to baptize 謝秉燊, and he is awesome!

042417 Baptism

​謝秉燊 hyped for baptism

Member referrals are the key to missionary success! We are looking good for another baptism this week with 劉見昇! His progression and change has been incredible! We have been lucky enough to help both of them along this path!

Anyways, not much else to write home about this week! Keep us in your prayers, and hopefully we will be able to find a new apartment soon!  Have a great one, I love you all! Good luck to the LHP lacrosse boys headed to the state finals again! Keep the dynasty going! LET’S RIDEEEEEEEE BOYSSSSSS


Elder Stroud


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