Where The Gold At?

052417 funny guys

​We met some super funny Filipinos down at the port the other night. Bad quality picture, but good quality dudes!

From May 24, 2017

大家好! (Hello Everyone!)

Transfers have come and gone, and I am staying in GaoXiong ShiZhong for a 3rd! Elder Choi is headed farther south to the DongGang ward, and my new companion is Elder George from Fresno, CA!


052417 Elder George

Elder George- my new comp

Things have been going a little slow here lately. It feels like we have been going out to find and are just coming up empty handed every day. It is hard to be in a super small area like this. You bike the same 3 streets every day and things start to feel stale. No worries though! Hopefully Elder George can be the key to unlock the treasure chest of gold that this city has to offer!

As of late, our solid investigators are-

昶麟- Same old story for him… He comes to church every week, has had all of the missionary lessons, but is unwilling to get baptized. He is the one whose uncle is the bishop of the ward and all of his friends are members as well. We don’t really know what to do with him at this point except keep trying…

有信- His name in Chinese literally means “have faith”! He is a 50+ year old dude we met on the street a couple weeks ago. He has been to church 3 weeks in a row, AND HAS READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON. He has been looking into tons of other Christian churches for the past few years, but has yet to find one which “has the whole truth”. His problem is that he doesn’t actually live in GaoXiong… he is actually from TaiBei, but is trying to sell a house here, so his time with us is very limited before he goes back home.

小芳- She is super cool, but a little weird haha! She was found by some other missionaries in our district, but lives in our area. She LOVES animals, and most of the lessons we have had with her have been focused on animals… She is kind of like one of those PETA people, except a Taiwanese version. Lately she has been more willing to listen to gospel stuff though, so that is great! She sells soap at a mall here, and when I told her I sold soap for my job back in HS she lost it haha!

峻銓- He is such a bro and a new investigator! He is a member referral from one of the YSA’s in our ward! They have been dating for like a year, and she felt like it was time to bring him to church! We have only met with him once, but it was a super great lesson. He has also been to church the past two weeks as well! Hopefully his GF keeps pushing hard, and we will be able to see him baptized in a few weeks!

Hopefully these next few weeks will help us reap the benefits of the seeds we are trying to sew out here each day! There’s not much else to talk about for this week… it was a slow one!

052417 Salmon sashimi

Our ward had a Young Men’s activity, where we bought a giant salmon and made salmon miso, salmon fried rice, fresh sashimi, baked salmon, and grilled salmon. Somehow that one fish was able to feed about 15 of us! It was delicious. This is one of the 3 trays of sashimi.

052417 Ramen Night

On Sunday we made 15 packs of ramen and had the LingYa elders over for lunch

We are probably going to the zoo today, so that should be fun! I hope y’all had a great one! Congrats to my little sister for graduating high school last week! Next stop- BYU! GO COUGS!!

Until next week-


Elder Stroud


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