Drink It In.

060417 monkey

We did some explore contacting up on Monkey Mountain last week. Watch out for monkeys!

Great week here! Monsoon season has arrived and we got wrecked all week long. It pretty much dumped rain nonstop, and I can’t think of a time where we were 100% dry this week.

Apparently there was some pretty severe flooding up north in Taipei. It’s all good though! Rain outside means that Taiwanese people flock to the 7-11s here, which makes for good contacting, since they are all trapped inside, haha!

This week didn’t have much go on besides us finding. It seems like lately that’s all we have been doing. It’s good though. Builds character. We did find two new investigators this week, so that’s great! We hope we will be able to continue working with them in the future!

060417 Formosa Blvd

Gaoxiong’s Formosa Boulevard (underneath our area)

Aside from the finding, we got taken out to a super nice steak house this past week by a wealthy member in the other ward. He treated our whole district to some filet mignon. Good stuff. It’s been a while since I have had some good American steak.


My excellent steak

Elder George and I are still getting along super well, and it has been pretty fun to troll around with him looking for people to teach! Despite the challenges, our faith hasn’t dropped yet! I’m hoping this week we will be able to whip up some success and see some miracles!

I hope y’all had a great one! Happy summer break! Summer here means rain, heat, and mangoes, so it’s not all too bad! I love you all!


Elder Stroud


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