The Fuzz

Hello all! Another week down here! It has been a lot of the same around here! Finding, teaching, sweating, just the usual missionary work here in the Taiwanese summer!

As far as the week goes, there wasn’t much new going on here!

Biggest thing of the week is probably that I changed my Chinese last name from 繞(Rào) to 饒(Ráo) (Note the tone/accent change). The biggest reason is that 饒(Ráo) is actually a Chinese last name, where as 繞(Rào) is not. I just got tired of people asking in every contact why my last name was so weird. It really was killing a lot of contacts we were having. I don’t know why but they gave me the incorrect one in the MTC… no worries though! New name tags are on the way! It’s pretty sick too because it has a few different usages. One is 饒命 which means to spare a life, and another is 饒舌 which is Chinese slang for rap music. Chinese is weird, but I love it. In Chinese, because there are words that sound the exact same but have different characters and meanings, you always have to introduce your last name. So now I just say 我是饒長老。饒舌的饒。And it is pretty sick. Google translate will butcher that super hard, so don’t trust what it gives you for that.  (Mom’s note:  Google translate says its something like, I’m Elder Rao, like rap music).

As far as other stories, we got the cops called on us yesterday, so that was fun! There is this crazy homeless lady who is always at the church, and has been hanging around for like 20 years, and she has taken a liking to me… She calls our phone about 10 times a day and night and of course we never answer. She thinks Jesus Christ owes her about $300k USD. She always asks us when Jesus will give her the money. We ended up staying after church for about 3 hours to help the bishop’s daughter fill out her mission papers, and as we walk outside, there is Crazy Grace talking with two policemen. As I walked over there, I heard her say my Chinese full name and I questioned the police what was wrong. Grace then turned around to start yelling at me that I had left her and she didn’t know where I was. I apologized to the police and they proceeded to get angry at Grace for calling them when there was no need. Grace then turns to us and yells at us as we bike off haha. Good stuff. She called our phone at 2am this morning and woke us up. Also she called the sisters, and they made the mistake of answering, and she kept on asking them where we live, and a bunch of other sensitive questions… All a day in the life!

As far as pictures go today… Sister Lin, the Less-Active member Elder Nelson and I rescued in AnDing came down to take Elder George and I out to lunch at the seafood buffet here in town. It was good stuff and they had all types of sashimi, so I was a happy camper. Also the DeWitt’s invited us over for fresh mango ice cream with a very wealthy business partner of theirs, so that was also a super nice treat!

061217 DeWitts

We will miss the DeWitts when they leave Taiwan! They are so good the missionaries here!!

061217 mango icecream

Ice cream with fresh mangoes!

Love you all! Have a great week!



Elder Stroud



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