I’m getting married?

061817 QiJin

View of QiJin from the top of the fort last Pday, before it started raining every day.

Crazy week here! We didn’t teach a single lesson this week. It was finding from morning to night every single day.  It rained all week long, and Elder George and I just about went contacting in every single 7-11 in the boundaries of our area! When it’s wet on the streets people flock to the 7-11’s for shelter (they are more like coffee shops with places to sit here). We had a couple sick miracles this week!

We hadn’t found a new investigator all week long, despite the long grueling days of contacting.

We went out every day with faith, we were obedient, and we worked our hardest. Come church on Sunday, and all of our investigators who committed to come stood us up. Pretty sucky right?  Yep.

But that’s how it goes sometimes. Sunday morning before we left our apartment, Elder George and I pleaded with the Lord to let us see a miracle at church, and through the grace of Heavenly Father, we got one! While we were in Young Men’s at church sharing about missionary work, and literally telling the boys how sometimes no matter how hard you work, how faithful you are, things always come on the Lord’s timing. We get a knock on the door from a member and he’s with some random 19 year old kid who had just walked into the church looking for English class. Anyways, he stuck around, loved church, and set up for a time to meet with us next week. Cool stuff.

061817 Port

View of the little port in our area along the GaoXiong harbor.

Funny/crazy story of the week:

Crazy Grace from last week’s email called the cops again on me this past week. We were out contacting, but the sisters were at the chapel. Grace starts banging on the door with the police hysterically crying and asking where I am. The sisters say “we don’t know, he isn’t here”. The police ask the sisters if I am missing. The sisters laugh and of course say “no”. Grace flips out and the police ask the sisters if she is “all there”. The sisters say “of course not, she is crazy”. Grace then flips out says she isn’t crazy, and gets mad at the sisters and accuses them of opposing her marriage to me… (Grace is about 60 and homeless by the way). The cops were frustrated, yelled at Grace for wasting their time again, and escorted her off the premises.  SO we had to call the bishop and some members of the stake presidency to come down and just wreck her later that night when she showed up again. ALL A DAY IN THE LIFE HERE!

Anyways it was a great week! I ate it on my bike because it was pouring rain and the sidewalk was too slippery to brake when some girl darted in front of me, so I kind of did one of those cool powerslides they do on motorcycles, and I popped right up in front of this group of girls said the Chinese equivalent of “sick”, and hopped back on the bike and biked off. I hit my knee pretty hard and I was worried that I had done some interior damage. The first thought that crossed my head was “what if I had torn something and have to go home” the second thought was “I don’t want to go home yet, I still have so much more to do here”, and I was happy with that thought. SO yeah, it is safe to say that I am in a good mental place here on the mission. It really is such an awesome time every day! I love it so much! I hope you all had a great week! Enjoy the sunshine in Florida! We haven’t seen it for like 5 days here! I love you all!


Elder Stroud


061817 DeWitts lunch

The DeWitt’s had us over for lunch again! Brother DeWitt is retiring and he and his wife are going back to America next week. We will miss them!


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