Back in ‘Nan

From July 2, 2017

Hello all, and happy transfer Monday! The move call came a couple nights ago, and I am again on the move! My new area is back in the wonderful city of Tainan, home of cheap food and happy people! My very first area, AnDing, was on the northern edge of Tainan, but out in the boonies, and now I am back in the city center serving in the Tainan 2nd Ward. I am pumped to start going hard and seeing miracles here! I am now the District Leader, as well as a “mom” or breaker (first companion out of training).

070217 Elder Zeyer

Me and Elder Zeyer

My new companion in Elder Zeyer (pronounced like the “sire” part of desire) from…drum-roll please… Provo, Utah!! He just finished training, and this is only his third transfer on island! He is very new and inexperienced, his Chinese is still coming along, but he is super fun and willing to go hard. Nothing more I can ask for! We are ready to hit the streets and light this place up.

This last week was a pretty fun one! Elder George and I tried to milk the last little bit of investigators out of ShiZhong, and it was fun to leave it all on the streets there. I was feeling a little worn out of that place. The people were awesome, but it was a small area, and I got a little tired of biking the same streets over and over again. Change is a good thing!

070217 diner

We went to a restaurant called the Arkansas Diner last week for pday. It was started by some expat. SUPER good southern food!

070217 tracting

Went tracting up in the mountains with Elder Moh.

Anyway, today is a little short due to moving and some time constraints! Im sure I will have a better email next week for you! I have been trying to send more videos lately, but Google Drive and myldsmail are dumb and its super confusing to try and set it up. Hopefully the videos work better today!  This one is of Elder Moh and I tracting up in the mountains.

Click Here for Video Link

Anyways I love you all and hope you have a wonderful 4th of July! Probably my favorite holiday! Weird to be experiencing it for the second time here in Taiwan! I love you all! Have a great one!


Elder Stroud

070217 say goodbye

Sad to see good mission friends head home after two years!


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