Me and the Mayor

From June 27, 2017

Another great week here! This week was once again filled with going out and talking to everyone we could talk to! We pretty much were once again on our bikes for 7 days straight! It’s cool though! I love being a missionary here! This week the referral karma finally worked in our favor! After weeks of sending off referrals to other areas, we finally got a couple that actually live in our area, and actually have interest in learning more!

We had a special opportunity sing some hymns for Brother DeWitt and for some of the big shots of the Kaohsiung city government at Brother DeWitt’s farewell bash! It was super awesome and we got to meet the mayor!


Us and Mayor Chen of Gaoxiong in front.

062717 banquet

They made some fish look like a squirrel at the banquet dinner.

062717 singing

Singing with the DeWitt’s and other missionaries, “Because I Have Been Given Much”

Honestly, aside from the party with the mayor, it was a very average week. Elder George and I are still trying to go super hard to get some investigators out of this area, but the work has been a little slower lately. Its ok though! We keep on truckin’. Transfers are next week, and the chance I move is pretty big, but its all up in the air! I love you all! Have a great one!


Elder Stroud

062717 soap

We visited one of our investigators Sister Huang at her work at the mall last pday! She sells soap, so her and I were able to talk some soap. Shout out to that high school job working at Basin at Disney!

So if you have a strong stomach… here’s a hilarious video.  ​This video is of Elder Moh and George doing the duoduo challenge, a Taiwan Taichung Mission classic! Basically the gist is to drink 20 or 21 of these little yogurt things on your birthday. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU GET SICK EASILY! But yeah it was super funny! Hopefully the Drive link works this time.

Watch the Yogurt Challenge video



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