Deep in the 南 (South)

070917 7-11 contacting

7-11 contacting

From July 9, 2017

Hello all! Another lit week here in the promised land of Tainan City, East District! The work is progressing and we are killing the missionary game here! Our area is sick! It has the #4 ranked college in Taiwan, and the best college in the south, so tons of good college kid potential! Our area is the smallest in the mission at a whopping, 2 miles across and 1 mile lengthwise, so super small! Elder Zeyer, my comp, is a baller and super fun to work with! We go hard every day.

Investigator updates:

查家庭 The Zha family:

They are super sick and on baptismal date for 8/12! It is a single mom and her 3 boys. They all have so much faith! The mom has gone through a ton of trials, and the gospel has really brought light into her life!

舒庭 Shu Ting:

She is also super sick! She is a 19 year old nursing student at a college here. She was actually supposed to get baptized last weekend, but ran into some family problems. We are working closely with her to try and fix her trials at home! She is on date for 8/5.

Sophie: Sophie is a little strange, but super funny! She has been investigating the church for at least a few years now, but her progress has skyrocketed lately. She has already read all of the BoM, and she actively lives all of the commandments in her daily life. Super cool! We meet with her at lest 3-4 times a week! She refuses to tell us her Chinese name though haha!


Big Mac

Macdonald 麥當勞: BIG MAC! Macdonald is a Haitian studying at the college here! He is super cool and it is really weird to teach him in English! Also he is like the first black person I have seen in like a year! He is from a really poor rural part of Haiti and is super humble. Every time we meet with him, he says his prayers in Creole and it is super sick! He is awesome, and is also living the commandment invitations we give him!

Those are the major 4 investigators we have right now. We actually have quite a few others, but they are all in different stages of progression. Being a missionary is awesome!

Today we are headed to YuJing, the home of mangoes in Taiwan! It should be pretty fun! Apparently there is a giant mango statue there that the people literally worship, so that should be a sight to see!

I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Stroud

070917 burrito

We found a super good burrito place in our area started by an american dude! Probably the closest thing you can get to Chipotle. Also like the first burrito I have eaten in a year plus. good stuff.


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