All Aboard the Training Train!!


081417 Pokemon Go contacting

Contacting at a Pokemon Go hotspot… still popular in Taiwan!

Hey y’all this week’s email is going to be short with a lot of pictures, sorry! I guess the big news of the week is that I am going to be a Trainer! It really is a honor to be trusted with a new missionary, and I am pumped to help him love the mission, the culture, the people, and the language! All things that mean so much to me! I will be picking him up at the mission home on Thursday, and we will be heading to our area after that! Should be a blast! I am so happy here in Tainan! This place is awesome, and I’m pumped I get to stay another 3 months! I hope you all had a great week! Happy back to school for all my young LHP friends! I love you all!!


Elder Stroud

Elder Zeyer and I  have had such a great time working hard together this past 6 weeks! Here’s some of the great things we did this week before he left for his new transfer area.

We found some elementary kids in the park one day this week while contacting, and they let us play baseball with them. It was super fun and they loved us!!

081417 baseball



It is tradition in our mission for Elders to burn a tie at their 6 month marks, and for whatever reason I never did back in the day. Thankfully Elder Zeyer hit his 6 months, and I got to do it with him!


We found one of the best burgers I have ever eaten! Smokey Joe’s is the only authentic American/Mexican restaurant in Taiwan! This burger was about 400 kuai, or about twice as much as I usually spend on 3 meals for the day! Worth it.

081417 goobye Zeyer

It’s been awesome serving with Elder Zeyer.  He’ll be great in his new area!


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