For Teh Boys (not a typo)

Mostly pictures today… sorry!

090417 100 year old egg Degn

Elder Degn and his first 1000 year old egg!


090417 long legs

At the Qimei museum in Tainan. Taiwanese girls all stick their legs out in pictures like this because they think it makes them look longer. After the picture is taken there is a 90% chance they look at it and say “好長哦” (translation: my legs are so long!) word for word. Not even kidding.

090517 Qimei museum

Qimei is a super cool museum that looks kinda like the US Capitol building in D.C.

090517 mango bing

Have to enjoy mango bing while we can!  Summer is almost over.  Bing is kind of like creamy shaved ice dessert.

Today we are going to a pizza buffet, also Elder Degn and I just bought 3 dragon fruits each, because they say that if you eat 3 of them, you pee purple, so we will see if it’s true! The title of this email references our mission president, President Teh, who is awesome!

Taiwan is amazing and I love it here!! I love being a missionary so much, and life really is super happy right now!

I love you all!!


Elder Stroud


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