1/2 way done with training!

092517 on the street.JPG

Random kid pulled us over and wanted to take a picture with us

This week marked the half way point of my time training Elder Degn.  As weeks go, it was kind of uneventful week.  We went out to find, we found, picked up some new investigators, got dropped by some other investigators, and had a blast doing it all! Nothing really eventful to report on here. So, this email will pretty much just be pictures. Sorry!

092517 poster

President Teh made a change of missionary standards here to where we should strive for one new investigator a day. The zone leaders made this incredible poster for their apartment haha!

This upcoming week we have made it a goal to invite 1000 people to come unto Christ! It should be a good challenge for us, and get us talking to people who we might have not had the chance to before! It’s going to be tiring, but it’s going to be rewarding!

I know that this church is true and that the Lord’s hand really is in our life every day. What a blessing it is that we can have the fullness of His gospel. As I hit the final lap of this 1600 meter race now, all I can think about is how I can do more. How can I be more diligent? How can I help more people? How can I serve more willingly? How can I be more humble and grateful? There are so many weaknesses that I have, and I just hope that by the time these next 6 months are up, I will have improved in at least some of them. I love being a missionary, and I love the work. There is no place like Taiwan! Have an awesome week everybody! Love you all!


Elder Stroud

092517 lunch

Food picture of the week:  Classic Taiwanese lunch of BianDang. This one is super good and costs only 70kuai or about a little over $2USD


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