100217 1000 contact week

1000 contacts this week in Tainan City!

WHAT IS UP Y’ALL!!! We just threw down the best week of my mission/life this past week!!!! It was so hard, so much fun, and so so rewarding!!

This past week, in honor of my 21st birthday, we made it a goal to invite 1000 people to come unto Christ! We went out and bought clicker counters, and we decided that in order to be able to 算 (count) someone, we needed to teach doctrine, promise a blessing, and invite them to act/repent. It was an awesome challenge for us, and it got us talking to so many people who we might have not had the thought to before! It was tiring, but it was so rewarding! We did nothing but street contact and go for adds (or setting up a time to meet with someone to learn more off the streets either at the church or a 7-11) all week long. We ended the week with 1000+ people invited unto Christ,  9 new investigators, all of whom were found this week, and a solid 10 more adds lined up for next week. The miracles that come with sacrifice are so real. We took half meal times to be out on the streets more, and we really did nothing but ride our bikes around and talk with everyone we could! I haven’t knocked a door since Chinese New Year lol. We went home exhausted every night, but it was so worth it. We literally we running people down on the streets to talk to them, it was so sick!
I love being a missionary, and right now is honestly the happiest I have ever been in my life. There is no stress, no pressure, no deadlines, just you, your companion, and The Lord walking side by side trying to help make peoples lives happier and more full of hope. It will be sad to see this all end in just 5ish short months. I hope I can leave every last drop of sweat on the asphalt here in Taiwan. This week honestly changed my whole outlook on the mission. Before it seemed a little daunting to go out and find the mission standard of 1 new investigator a day, but now I can see how easy and fun it really can be. WE HAD FUN THIS WEEK! It was fun to leave it all on the streets and lay our hearts out trying to serve the people here. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate turning 21 than to offer the day in service to The Lord and the people of Taiwan.
I hope everyone had an awesome General Conference weekend as was able to soak up the words of the living apostles! Ours is next week due to a translation delay, but you can bet we missionaries are excited! What an awesome time to receive revelation in our lives. What a blessing it is to have modern day prophets and apostles to help guide us in our lives.
100217 Handsomer

Wow! 超帥der (Super Handsome”der”)

That’s about it for this week! People on the streets have been starting to ask if I am Taiwanese after talking with them, so I think kicking the foreigner accent is a good sign for my Chinese! There still is so much more to improve on though! I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!!
Elder Stroud
100217 Harbour restaurant birthday lunch

Took Elder Degn to the all you can eat seafood restaurant for my 21st birthday! All hail Harbor!!


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