GaoXiong Temple?!

101617 future gaoxiong temple site.jpg

THE FUTURE GAOXIONG TEMPLE SITE. The church has bought this plot of land across from the Gaoxiong North stake center, and people say that it is the site of the future temple!

Great week here! Not much to report on honestly! Last week was 10/10 day, which is Taiwan’s Independence Day, so there were lots of festivities in the streets! We had a special meeting in GaoXiong, with Elder Snow and Elder Funk (The Asia Area President) of the Seventy, which they discussed topics of church history and the job of the church historian.

101617underground frank.JPG

Got to hang out with my friend Underground Frank last pday! He goes around the mission selling missionaries’ cheap stuff from his shady Chinese websites. Good guy.

Elder Degn and I worked, worked, and worked and had a great time being missionaries, so it was super fun! We hit mission standards of excellence again due to more than a few miracles, and all in all just had a great week! I hope you all are well! Stay safe and stay happy! Have a good one.


Elder Stroud

101617 power bomb

We tried some Power Bomb. Some random energy drink we found for 24元


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