110617 District time graph

Our District Graph: one chair for each transfer you have been out on your mission. (Each transfer=6 weeks).

Well all, I moved again! This time to become a Zone Leader up in the green mountains of NanTou!  It is known as one of the most beautiful areas in the mission, and I will send pics next week! I feel super blessed to be able to serve the missionaries here in the ZhongXing Zone! My guess is that this will be the last time I move! My new companion is Elder Sagastegui (Nope, I didn’t just bang my head on the keyboard to type that out, that’s actually his name) from Kentucky! This is his last transfer, so we are going to be going super hard!! We have already set a transfer goal of 6(!) baptisms!! Should be lit!

MASSIVE GAME CHANGER!!!!! OUR MISSION JUST BECAME A SMARTPHONE MISSION!! Which means full online proselyting will be enabled! THIS IS A BIG DEAL!! We should be getting our phones and being trained how to use them within the next few weeks!

110517 Saying goodbye to my boy

Saying goodbye to my “son” (trainee) Elder Degn

It was sad to leave Tainan and the boy Elder Degn, but we ended it on a sweet note with Sister Xie being baptized! She is super awesome and so humble, and we are excited for her continued progression in the gospel!

110517 Sister Xie Baptism

Sister Xie’s baptism

Also last week we went to visit the community leader to ask for service opportunities (super hard to find in Taiwan) and she directed us to the senior center, where we met this super funny 97 year old ama!

110517 Funny Ama

This Ama (grandmother) cracks us up!

Short post this week due to moving eating up like 5 hours of my pday time! I hope you all are well! Have a great one!!


Elder Stroud


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