Busy Busy Busy

112017 service

Got to do service for like the first time in 6 months cleaning up a park. There are 0 opportunities to do service here…

Awesome week here! Being a zone leader kills though!! We only had a total 3 hours to proselyte in our area this week! We spent Monday night planning a training for zone conference on planning and goal setting. Tuesday we exchanged with the YuanLin 2nd elders, which was super fun! I learned tons on how to have more humility from Elder Chang. Wednesday we went to Taizhong to have Zone Conference, and had to take care of some things after, which resulted in us getting home around 10pm.

On Thursday and Friday we exchanged with the Assistant’s in Taizhong, and I got to learn from the master Elder Neuhaus! We taught one of the craziest lessons on my mission with a Dr. Sun, a world renowned bio-nuclear doctor/researcher at his hospital.

112019 Neuhaus

Exchanges with Elder Neuhaus in Taizhong

He literally was the smartest man I have ever met. His thinking process was just so far above the normal human. He has been researching different religions for years, and has pulled the truths out of each one. He has already thought about the entire gospel before without even going to church, or meeting with missionaries and he believes everything! Insane. The lesson was literally the deepest doctrine I have ever taught. We honestly didn’t know like half of his question’s answers, and we had to call President Teh afterwards to clear some things up for us, haha. Saturday we went up to PuLi for a baptismal interview, and spent pretty much the entire day traveling as well.



Spent more time on the bus than we did in our areas this week.

Being a ZL wrecks, but it is super fun to help out so many different people! I love being a missionary and representing the Lord. This time is truly a time to be grateful for all the things I have been given!  I am so blessed!
I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving!
Count your blessings!
Elder Stroud

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