Baptisms and Buddhas

112717 Baptism

Yang family baptism day

Awesome week here! It was another crazy one full of exchanges and tons of events! The life of a Zone Leader is one without breaks! This week we got to baptize the Yang family, which was a tender experience. Sister Yang has changed so much since the first time she met missionaries and claimed to be possessed by a devil! She dropped all of her bad habits and really turned a new page by being willing to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized! We are super happy for her!

112717 native.JPG

Dressed in aboriginal Taiwanese clothing.

On P-day last week, we went to Sun Moon Lake and got to play around there! It is super pretty! There is a famous place there which sells lots of cool Aboriginal Taiwanese stuff, so we got some cool pictures!

112717 buddhaNot a lot to write this week! We are still finding, teaching, and hopefully within the next couple weeks baptizing again!

Being a missionary is awesome, and I love my time here so much! This week we are getting our smartphones, so it should be another great one!

I love you all, I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!

Until next week-

Love, Elder Stroud



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