120417 Smartphone

The missionary game has changed forever with the Smartphones! 

What an awesome week it has been! Te(c)hnology (President Teh pun) has completely changed the missionary work here in Nantou! The day we got our new smart phone we were able to have a Skype lesson with our Filipino investigator Gertrude, and the Tehs (who are also from the Philippines), right from the comforts of our apartment! The crazy thing is that the Spirit was just as present as a normal lesson! The phone has enhanced all aspects of the work here. It is easier to stay connected without investigators, easier to connect them to people who can fellowship them in the ward, easier to find people’s addresses, easier to stay in close contact with the bishop, and the myriad of fun language study apps has made learning and improving my Chinese something I look forward to everyday. What a blessing it is to have such an incredible tool.

This week we had our annual mission tour with Elder Muers from the Seventy. I personally received lots of revelation on how best to improve myself and my area, as well as the (Nantou) 中興 zone. Although we didn’t have more than a total of a few hours in our area to proselyte this week, I feel we did our best with what the Lord gave us.

One awesome thing I have loved has been the church’s #LightTheWorld Christmas service initiative. It has made serving people and remembering our savior Jesus Christ even more a part of our days here. You can check it out at

As for light the world, we have had tons of cool experiences on seeing investigators being touched by the message of Christmas. One of them, a college professor, said she would show the light the world videos to all of her students daily until December 25! How great is that! I love being a missionary, and I love serving the Lord. What a time it is!

I am so happy to be serving at this time! I hope you all had a great week!


Elder Stroud


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