Santa Arrives Early

121117 santa zone

Santa came to YuanLin to deliver smartphones to all the good little missionaries in the ZhongXing zone!

Note from Zach’s mom:  We sent him the santa suit to re-create a photo that his Dad took as a missionary in Japan.  That photo shows Zach’s dad, who is 6’2″ wearing a Japanese santa suit that is about 7 inches too short for him.  It’s a classic photo!  Coincidentally, the santa suit arrived for Zach the same week he was going to be passing out new smartphones to the missionaries in his zone.  So the timing of wearing the santa suit was perfect!

Hello all! This was an action packed week filled with meetings upon meetings. We spent about 1 hour total proselyting in our area this week haha! I love being a zone leader though! It is an awesome opportunity to serve the other missionaries here! I don’t have lots of time today due to answering tech questions about the new smartphones from all of our missionaries! Just pictures today!

Elder Sagatesgui and I went to the bishop’s house and wrapped/ate dumplings last night.

Exchanges in MingJian with Elder Pang


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