Week number 346817252783538


Views of Yuanlin

Hi y’all! This week we did a lot of service, did a lot of missionary work, and that was pretty much it. My life is the same every day.

011518 clean up crew

Our district, the clean up crew.

We helped a member clean up their newly refurbished house yesterday, and that was pretty much it.

011518 clean up group

The whole clean up group.

Funny story of the week- we were out in the middle of nowhere trying to find a Less Active member, and couldn’t find the address. Taiwan’s address system is pretty much non-existent in the rural areas BTW. So we are lost, looking for this dude’s house at about 8pm at night and it’s dark because we are in the middle of nowhere, and we run into this old Taiwanese grandpa who has a bowl of pig’s foot and rice. That’s not the weird part though. So, we ask this dude where this random guy lives and he says he will take us there. Nice! Usually old people can’t even speak Chinese, let alone are willing to help us. So this old guy hops on his scooter and tells us that he will go slow. We follow him for about 100 meters and as soon as he makes a turn, he runs his scooter off the elevated road and into the brush. At this point, we are very confused and ask him if he’s OK, he then proceeds to tell us that he’s drunk and that he needs to drive slower and we pull his scooter out. He then takes us to the wrong address and we just laugh as he leaves.  I love Taiwan!

Anyway there’s the short summary of my week. Have a great one everybody! Love y’all!


Elder Stroud


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