021218 clean up park

Helping Hands service – Cleaning up the park

Hello all! Another good week here! You probably heard that Taiwan had a big earthquake! We are all safe. I probably would have slept through it if I hadn’t had to get up to go pee in the middle of the night right as the earthquake happened haha!

Right now we are trying to progress our investigators towards baptism, as well as finding ones to build up our pool with. We have about 4 people right now who are qualified for baptism, but for whatever reason aren’t getting baptized. It’s pretty frustrating. But being a missionary is great and I love my time here, no matter how little I have left!

021218 bbq

Japanese BBQ buffet for pday today

I gave my final testimony and reflection of my mission at Zone Conference last week. It was a weird feeling. I will miss Taiwan, but I’m grateful to still be here! Have a great week! Love yall!

Elder Stroud
021218 political cartoon

Sweet political cartoon with 蔡英文, president of Taiwan and Trump ganging up on N. Korea’s dictator.


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